We are

Full-service Graphics & web design agency in Athens. We manufacture
a hard copy of your dreams and stories.


We are motivated by challenges that drive us to create new solutions. These solutions come from an open exchange of intellectual and creative energy.

We believe that ideas are the DNA of who we are. Ideas can be driven by strategy. Or execution. Or strategy and execution. Sometimes strategy needs to do more of the heavy lifting. Sometimes execution needs to take strategy to another level. And, sometimes, when things are just right, the two strike a perfect balance. Both are important and both have a place at ProjectNeverland.

We consistently deliver results for our clients by first gaining a deep understanding of their needs and target market, and then combining insight-driven strategy & ideation with the highest levels of execution.


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12 Papaflessa str. | Pendeli, Athens,
Greece, 15236

Galinos Tsakiridis
+30 698 555 3305